No man ever left dissatisfied. The clients are always the centre of my interest.


Do you wish to, at least for a while, escape from the stereotype that torments you every day at work or at home? Step into the world of Mia Sensual Massage where passion, comfort and relax awaits you. You will be guided during this sensual journey by Alina, a professional massage therapist who will give you a massage that you have never dreamed of even in your most precious dream.

Only after few minutes of massage the pleasant company of the mysterious Alina and the soothing fragrance of massage oil will immerse you into the world of Mia Sensual Massage. Our professional masseuse Alina understands human body perfectly and knows precisely on what parts of your body to focus on. Your one and only job is – to experience the pleasure of the massage.

Do you have any special requirements for the massage? Would you like to try something new? Alina is a mistress of erotic massage as well and she is already looking forward to making a new person out of you with her hands. A bath with this beautiful massage therapist that you can only find in Vienna will certainly get you into form after a hard day full of work meetings. Imagine yourself relaxing in a pleasantly warm water, your senses soothed by special bath oils, and the company of the massage therapist whose eyes and body is there just for you.

When is the right time to contact Alina? Right when you decide to close the door behind you and just grant yourself a sensual reward. Sensual Massage in Vienna offers you several ways of how to relax – either in your apartment or in a luxurious hotel of your choice in Vienna. We will of course gladly help you with your choice because we want our clients to be uttermost satisfied with our services.

Whether you will decide for a classic massage, an erotic massage or a sensual bath you will certainly not regret your decision. As the saying goes – one look is worth a thousand words. Contact us immediately. Do something for yourself and your happiness.



The classic massage from Mia Sensual Massage girls in Vienna is just the right choice if you want to relax after a hard day at work. The smell of our carefully for you selected massage oil, the unique massage skills of our ladies as well as the relaxed atmosphere will be the ideal escape from stressful or boring days.


You like the passion that lies in the air, the enchanting smell of the sensual massage oil and the lovely movements of our ladies? Then the Erotic Massage from Mia Sensual Massage in Vienna is just the right choice for you. Our girls will create the perfect, erotic environment for you and they will make you forget how fast the time flies.


The sensual foam bath massage will take all your senses to new heights. Enjoy the warmth of the water that surrounds your body, the enchanting scent of the carefully selected bath oil and the presence of the chosen Lady from Mia Sensual Massage in Vienna. The sensual foam bath massage is the right choice to relieve deep fatigue.


Age 28
Languages German, English
Height 167
Weight 57 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Drinks Champagne


1h EUR 300,-
2h EUR 550,-
3h EUR 750,-
Every extra hour EUR 200,-